FAQs & Resources

Messenger Pigeon

How do I access messenger Pigeon?

Prior to your class you will be sent an email with a link to Launch Messenger Pigeon.

Does Messenger Pigeon work for Hybrid learning?

Yes, Messenger Pigeon can be used for in-class and remote students, using a combination of Habitat Learn services, such as Launch and Coral.

What if there is a last minute change to my class schedule?

Your captioner will monitor your LMS system for any class updates, however feel free to contact them with the changes.

Can I download the transcript?

‍Yes. Use the download button on the bottom left of Messenger Pigeon.

Can I customize how my captions look?

You can customize the size, font and colour of your captions using the text tool on the bottom left of Messenger Pigeon.

Can I communicate with my captioner?

Yes. Using the chat feature on the bottom left of Messenger Pigeon.

Does Habitat Learn offer captions in foreign languages?

Yes. We currently offer the service in French, Spanish, Russian, German. However new language can be set up upon request.

How long will it take to set up an account for foreign language captioning?

It takes about a week to arrange for a foreign language captioner.

How accurate are your captions?

Messenger Pigeon uses a blend of AI and perfected by people to ensure captions are both fast and accurate and are compliant with ACA and ADA regulations.

What is the format of the notes sent to the students?

All notes are sent in a word document.